Our Services

Ellevated Outcomes’ one on one work is customized to you.

This means that we’ll tie all discussion, planning, and action to your strategic priorities. By the time that we’ve created and implemented your new plan, your days will flow, and you’ll feel clear about how your actions today connect to your long term goals.

You will do less with more impact. You will look, act, and be different from the others.

We could be a great match if you’re…

of a Creative Career.

You’re established. You have a career that you’ve invested years into, yet you constantly daydream about your “Phase II.” You wonder, “Why can’t I make money doing what I love?”

You want: to know if you can make money, overcome your fears, and get clarity on the path forward.


a New Business.

You’re confident about the type of business you want to launch but are overwhelmed with the number of to-dos: What’s my offer and for whom? What should I charge? What taxes will I owe?

You want: structure and accountability to make a plan, follow through, and launch a business the right way.


Taking Things to the Next Level.

You’ve run your small business for a few years, It’s going well, but you feel stuck. You’re busy, but are you really moving forward?

You want: to make more profit, work fewer hours, and do more of the work that you actually enjoy.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is this investment in myself?

We’ve worked hard to design a sliding model that is fair for clients of all sizes and stages. It ensures partnership and holds Ellevated Outcomes accountable to selecting great clients, whose businesses and drive we believe in. We’ll happily and transparently discuss the fee model during our consultation call.

Also, you should know that we give 5% of profit to hand-picked charities, who are aligned with our values.

Is this business coaching?


Okay, that’s an overreaction, but let us explain. “Business coaching” has turned into an online industry with no barriers to entry (meaning: anyone can do it). Business coaches are often focused on mindset and positive affirmations, not business acumen. Don’t get us wrong; mindset is a critical asset. But unsurprisingly, the other critical asset is… your business: products, pricing, finances, etc.

Ellevated Outcomes looks at your business through an objective lens to identify where shifts in your model will change your outcomes. At the same time, we know that the personal lens is important too. Therefore, your “why?” is at the heart of every recommendation.

This is precisely where Ellevated Outcomes shines: we combine the business with the personal.

What’s the commitment?

One year.

It sounds like a lot at first blush, but time will fly. We will do strategic and sustainable work that requires time.

And here’s another way that we differentiate ourselves: we create solutions with you and then stick around for the implementation – offering accountability, action, and change.

What outcomes can you guarantee me?

Measurable outcomes are customized to your business. And all clients receive:

  • Clear view of your highest priorities (and conversely, what are not)
  • 2-3 actionable solutions and implementation to achieve your targets
  • Understanding of your business’s finances and the confidence to manage them